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of each of our most popular designs.

Our Camper options start from a proven camper design and we add just the amenities that you desire. This keeps the cost low and helps you match your budget with the perfect summer adventure. 
         Our Canopies fit snug because they are made to fit your truck bed exactly, you can customize your canopy with many options inside and out.                             

A Cab Over Canopy joins many features of a camper with the convenience of a canopy. You can drive you wheeler right inside through the full size custom double doors. 

Our Kennels are all fiberglass on the inside. This prevents the kennel from soaking up
moisture and makes them very easy to clean out. The door opening are all capped with stainless steel and the doors are all metal so that there is no place for a dog to start chewing on the kennel.

   We fabricate other Custom Designs for side by sides, mini trucks, utility boxes, flat beds and more.        

We can turn your utility trailer into a pleasant, warm, dual purpose camping trailer by adding amenities such as a furnace, batteries, custom cabinets, windows, lights, roof and side vents to make your outings memorable experiences.

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